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Further Change / Show Us Your Games

It’s a big day for RPS – ‘big’ as in ‘we will hopefully no longer have to eat our own toes for sustenance.’ It’s a big day for me too, in exactly the same way. Today was my first day roaming the halls of as their scruffy new Deputy Editor. If you don’t know the site, you should – it offers smart and sober coverage of the games industry itself, from an objective and high-accuracy perspective. This means I will be dealing in a strange new currency, rarely to be found on RPS – ‘facts.’ I will be rounding up many of these ‘facts’ on a daily basis at, as well as nervously talking to some astonishingly important people.

This means I am handing in my RPS badge and gun effective immediately.

Nah, only kidding. I wouldn’t take any job that kept me away from this place. Could do with a hand, though. By which I mean 'games'.

While you’re unlikely to see me cropping up in the various mags I’ve contributed to for years (huge thanks and respect to them all), all being well my output here will remain as was, albeit mainly during evenings. As my new full-time gig won’t involve any playing of games, that’s what I intend to be doing here. Playing games, then writing about them. Oldest profession in the world. Less news, more analysis/wibbly storytelling – that’s the plan. Thing is… I could do with your help.

RPS is one of very few game sites that doesn’t see a huge distinction between mainstream, niche and indie games. If it’s interesting, we’ll play it – it doesn’t matter whose name is in the credits, how much it costs, whether or not someone will take out advertising if we write about it - or, conversely, whether it came from a publisher known to eat babies on toast. As long as it’s interesting. We hope that’s clear, and the multifarious emails to the RPS inbox suggest it is.

That said, I spend a lot of time browsing the triumvirate of indie excellence that is TIGsource, Playthisthing and indiegames. I will always continue to do so, but I want RPS to be such a source of maximum indieosity too. More so than it is now, I mean. Every week, those august sites host dozens of games we haven’t heard about here yet. Games I could and should be playing to write about on RPS. WHY WON’T YOU TELL US? WHY DO YOU HATE US? We didn’t mean that thing we said about your mum. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

If you’ve made a cool/incredible/masterfully strange game, tell us. If you’ve played a cool game that we apparently haven’t, tell us. Webgames, mods, casual, gamejams, whatever. Same goes for non-indie but lesser-known stuff. As long as it’s interesting. Coverage is of course never guaranteed, especially if it’s a) rubbish b) another straight match-3 clone c) about foot-to-ball, but we’ll almost always take at least a look. Unless we don't have time. But we'll try to. Oh, you know.

Tell us. Fill our inbox. As we sail into this bright new era of being able to afford new socks, help make us more interesting and diverse than ever.

[Photo by Owen Geronimo.]

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