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Pac-Man: Behind The Smile

My comrades failed to observe my prompting about this bizarro-world gem earlier, so now I am out of my day job skin, I shall do it. Hmmph. Wasters.

So: there's going to be a Pac-Man TV show, all CGI and 3D and whatever else is buzzwordy.

It's not going to be a simple tale of a yellow orb eating pills and running away from ghosts, oh no. This is about human interest and social messages. Pac-Man. Human interest and social messages. Pac-Man. Y'okay.

Former (presumably he left because the prospect of ever working with Kieron was too terrifying) Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad is producing the Namco-endorsed show, and he's been keen to point out that it isn't just about lovable cartoon characters. Check out these proper humdinger quotes (originally from Variety):

"We wanted to talk about real stories and… see how they can relate to our lives, being in high school and being a teenager. At the end of the day, it's the story of a reluctant hero."

"We feel we have a unique opportunity to have an action adventure, human interest story."

"As a filmmaker, it's a unique opportunity to get to know the characters you play. We don't know what happened to Pac-Man's parents. He's the only yellow one in Pac-Land; what does that mean? Is it a social statement? We'll find out."


At last, after 30 years, we're getting an origin story for Pac-Man. We might get to meet Pac-Man's mum. We'll find out why he's yellow. All these burning questions we've had for so long - it's a wonder we've been able to sleep at night all these long years.

We're going to find out why Pac-Man is yellow. And there'll be a social statement behind it.

Beautiful man, beautiful. It's all I've ever dreamed of.

Coming next month, Tetris: The Movie. Discover the tragic secret that drove a wedge between the left-facing L-shaped block and the right-facing L-shaped block! Grow to love the plucky courage of the z-shaped bits, who keep on keeping on even though the world hates and fears them! And what could possibly be the real identity and motive of the mysterious... Rotator?.

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