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For Pac-Man I Pick Bruce Willis

Pick a game to make into a movie, go on.

You picked Pac-Man, didn't you?! I influenced your thoughts. Well, your dreams are coming true. As batshit crazy as it may seem, someone is not only going to make a Pac-Man movie, but also spend a considerable amount of money doing it.

MCV reports that Crystal Sky Pictures (they behind Bratz and Ghost Rider - both narrowly missing Oscars) are to be injected with $200m by Grovsenor Park, which will be used to make five movies. One of these will be Castlevania, another will be a sequel to Hard Boiled (which is what Stranglehold was supposed to be, so who knows what's happening there), and another is, well, Pac-Man.

If you're thinking this is an old story (by which you don't mean yesterday, smart-arse), you're right. For instance, here's the exact same news story from December 2005, except without the bit where someone madly gives them a fifth of a billion dollars.

Then back in May 2006, in response to the news Kotaku posted the video below (which I'm including here because I found it before I spotted they did it too, and I JUST DON'T CARE).

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

So I suppose we can look forward to hearing this same story again in 2010, except that time with Grovsenor Park asking if they can have their two hundred million dollars back please.

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