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Pac-Man 256 Coming To PC With Local Co-op

We've all downloaded Crobby Bird

After making Frogger's car-dodging into one of the biggest games going with Crossy Road, developers Hipster Whale turned to jazzing up another vintage arcade game, Pac-Man. This time, it was official. Pac-Man 256 [official site] is an endlessly scrolling version of ye olde dotmunching, with Patrick Mann (that is his real name) chased by glitches from Pac-Man's Map 256 kill screen (hence the name, yeah?). Following its debut on pocket telephones last year, Pac-Man 256 is now headed for a PC release in June. This version will have four-player local co-op too.

Pac-Man 256 sees Patrick Mann undone by his own greed, trapped in an endless hell with the world falling away behind him and innumerable ghosts before him. You can run, Patrick, and you can munch on pills and power-ups, but one day your mistakes will catch up to you and end you, leaving only a high score behind.

Now, while I might normally be found down the Shady Scarts Video Game Retirement Community screaming "GET BACK, YOU VULTURES!" at the publishers trying to creep in with new contracts, swinging my beating stick wildly, I'm curious to check this one out. Yes, Bandai Namco have approved decades of Pac-Man garbage, but this method also gave the world the surprising Pac-Man Championship Edition. I suppose I could download Pac-Man 256 to my pocket. Nah. That seems too easy.

Pac-Man 256 is coming to PC via Steam on June 21st. It's co-developed by 3 Sprockets and the Crossy Road mob at Hipster Whale. No word on a price yet. Here, some moving pictures with sounds too:

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