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Alone In The... Survival Horror 2Dark

From an Alone in the Dark designer

Children rarely know when to shut up, even when it's for their own good. I remember a sibling 'whispering' "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BOMB?" while our vaguely Irish-ish family's car was searched by customs at Dover port in the early '90s, the week after an IRA bombing. Shut up, children.

2Dark has children who should be quiet too. It's a survival horror lead by Frederick Raynal, a designer on seminal survival horror Alone in the Dark, about rescuing children from serial killers' lairs and leading them out safely. Luckily, here you can give them a good shushing. It's having a crack at crowdfunding.

Johnny Policeman (I'm guessing here) will be sneaking into dimly-lit lairs in search of children, dodging, traps, dogs, and kidnappers. And then needs to get them out. Everything runs on light and sound, stopping you from finding the children and the bad people from finding you. Sounds in the dark are shown as little circles, mysterious rings which could be anything from a lost child to a cannibal wearing a pig's face, and you won't know unless you have a look. No blind-firing, then.

Complicating things are those ruddy children, who have different personalities and so won't simply obediently follow. You can shush 'em, or you can tell 'em to wait places, and their safety's on you.

Developers Gloomywood, who also include other Alone in the Dark folks, are looking for €30,000 (about £24k) on French crowdfunding site Ulule to finish 2Dark. Pledging at least €10 (£8) will get you a copy of the finished game.

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