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Skywind Trailer Shows New Areas, Promises Of More Soon

Showing the West Gash

When I last wrote about Skywind, it was to cover the game's 'Slough' trailer, which showed Morrowind's Bitter Coast brought to life within the Skyrim engine. In the comments, what followed was an interesting conversation about the etymological root of the word "Slough", and its geographical uses in the UK and in America.

Anyway, the latest Skywind trailer shows off the West Gash region.

Quiet down, everyone. Class! Quiet dow-- Walter, I saw that. See me after school.

Skywind, as the name might have tipped you off, is a mod project which aims to port Morrowind's world and systems to the more advanced Skyrim engine. There are already plenty of ways to play Bethesda's most fondly remembered RPG, including the Overhaul mod and early versions of OpenMW, which aims to port Morrowind to an open source, modern and highly moddable new engine, but it's still exciting to see parts of Morrowind running within the fancy, pretty Skyrim engine.

These kinds of videos have been released regularly for a while now, designed mainly to drum up more contributors to the project and celebrate the work of those helping out so far. It seems to be working, given that most of these engine-porting mod projects tend to collapse but Skywind hasn't. Unfortunately, there's nothing for you to play just yet, as an earlier release of the mod was pulled. There's no word on when that will change, but there is apparently "a HUGE update" coming soon, "so expect to see more regular video uploads."

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