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Skywind's Slough Trailer Shows Bitter Coast, Not Slough

Slough's not on the coast, but...

Skywind's latest trailer is titled 'Slough', but it does not, as every British reader just hoped, mark the inclusion of Berkshire's much maligned city in the game. Instead it's the first look at the remake of Morrowind's Bitter Coast inside the Skyrim engine, and it's as pretty as every other chunk we've seen of the ambitious mod project so far.

(Slough is also a word for soft, muddy ground, you see. The more you know.)

Attempts to re-make one game from a series in a later game from that series almost never work out, but Skywind's team have been putting out videos like the one above regularly for the past year. They've also shown off little bits of questing (in a video since made private), and thirteen minutes of first-person exploration and combat. It of course remains to be seen whether they can port over every mechanic from Bethesda's most beloved Elder Scrolls game, but it's at least clear that the team know what they're doing.

When can you play it? There's an alpha release available now, but only to those pitching in on the development side of the project. The rest of us will have to wait until it's ready for public consumption, and there's no estimate on that for now.

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