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Tomorrowind? - Skywind Public Test 'Coming Soon'

In the meantime, new trailer!

BUT NOT SOON ENOUGH, etc. Skywind, the total rebuild of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in Skyrim's engine, continues to play sweet melodies on my heart strings. They're nostalgic tunes that lull me like the most charming of snake charmers. There's a new trailer out, and I can practically feel the Balmoran cliff racers pecking at my back, making me invent new deities just so I can use their names as curse words (There is a god named Fuckthulhu now. You're welcome). Ahhh, happy memories. Watch below, and revel in the good news that a public test is right around the corner.

Well, right around the corner-ish. It's coming "soon," but that could mean a lot of things. Here's what the dev team is saying:

"This version is NOT available for public use, but please stay until the end of the video for a special announcement. Lots of content has been added since the latest developer video, but there is MUCH MORE to be done."

"Regarding the ending: Details will follow. Do NOT inquire about it in the comments or the website yet, it will be revealed in time exactly what a public developer release is."

OK, OK, jeez. It's not like I wanted to know or anything. Man, you know, whatever. I guess I just won't talk about it, then. If you need me I'll be in my room just, like, writing angsty poetry and listening to edgy modern rock music or whatever. If you even care, Skywind development team/dad. Ugh.

Huh, that was weird. Looks like this mod takes me back to my teenage years in more ways than one. Skywind continues to look great, though. Can it be [some unspecified time in the future] yet?

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