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Elephant Man-Shooter: Far Cry 4 PvP

Three player vs player modes

Far Cry 3 may not have been all things to all people, but it was many different things to many different people. For me, it was a game mostly about driving offroad and getting into various scrapes involving three-way battles between myself, a gathering of Komodo Dragons and a gang of gun-toting grunts. For some, it was a game in which they could hunt goats with a rocket launcher and maybe there were even some people who thought the story missions were the best bit as well. It's essentially a game about vehicles and animals falling over.

The sequel, which is out in three weeks, should allow you to relive all of your favourite Far Cry memories while killing your friends. With an elephant. The three PvP modes are explained in the video below.

I don't know (or care) enough about the plot to definitively state that the Golden Path are 'good guys' in any way, shape or form, but evil chap Pagan Min's Rakshasa certainly seem to be the villains of the piece. It makes a change, I suppose, that the sneaky bow-wielding magic of the land folks are led by a despot rather than a plucky rebel leader. The Golden Path, with all their modern weaponry and military precision seem like the baddies in Avatar rather than the army fighting against a despotic ruler.

But wait! Creative Director Alex Hutchinson explains that the Golden Path aren't all good. Not necessarily at any rate.

“With the Golden Path, what we wanted to achieve was this idea that even though they’re the good guys, they’re kind of muddled about how they should achieve their aims,” Hutchinson explains. “So the player will be able to choose which leader of the Golden Path they’re following. They both want to target Pagan Min, but how they do it, why they do it, and what the consequences will be are radically different.”

Not that any of those details will matter in multiplayer, which sounds enviably carefree and daft. The Outpost and Propaganda modes are about control of areas and destruction of items, respectively, while Demon Mask involves hunting for and capturing the eponymous items and the powers that they provide.

In Outpost, the Rakshasa will be the attacking force, using stealth and infiltration techniques such as the hilarious blink arrow, which allows them to teleport onto opponents' heads. They can also summon animals, which makes them automatically the best side to choose.

And, of course, you can ride an elephant straight into the jeep that your friends are driving around in. Good.

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