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Far Cry 5 & The Crew 2 announced, Ass Creed teased

E3 begins earlier every year

Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2, Ubisoft announced today, as if you hadn't already guessed. That's it. They have nothing of substance to say about either game. Oh, and would you believe that more Assassin's Creed is coming too? Astonishing. Ladies and germs, we truly are in the runup to E3. Ooh I swear it starts earlier and shoutier every year! Back in my day, E3 was held in secret in dark stone chambers and the only way you could tell what happened was to watch for logos forming in your tea leaves.

Ubi spaffed a few announcement tweets today. One promises "a hefty dose of new Far Cry adventures" in Far Cry 5 and links to a useless forum.

Ah yes, "a hefty dose" of that Far Cry stuff. Going by the red, white, and blue of the logo, we can reasonably assume the next sandbox shooter will be set in the fiefdoms of a post-Brexit Britain.

Also coming: more MMO racing in a sequel to The Crew.

If you missed the first, check out John's initial impression and Brendy and Adam's race across the whole (miniature) USA.

And lawks, look at that, more Assassin's Creed. After a year away to recover from Assassin's Ennui, rumour has it that Ass Creed will return in an Ancient Egyptian prequel named Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Ubisoft's E3 blastorama is coming on June 12th at 1pm Pacific (9pm UK time). It'll surely be livestreamed. Remember to get yourself a handheld tally counter to click off how many times developers say "visceral" on stage.

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