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Get up to 85% off games and DLC in Ubisoft's Far Cry sale

Including at least 80% off Far Cries 3 through 5, plus discounted DLC

Ahead of Ubisoft's June 12 'Forward' E3-adjacent live video game announcement stream, the company has discounted its popular Far Cry franchise games by up to 85%. This makes it a good time to play the earlier games in the series - and you still have time to beat one or two titles if Far Cry 6 releases in October as planned.

The headline discounts here are on the mainline Far Cry games, including 85% off Far Cry 3 (the Pacific island one), 80% off Far Cry 4 (the Himalayan one) and 85% off Far Cry 5 (the Montanan one). That means you can pick up the standard editions of all three for $18 in the US - not bad!

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If you're really into your Far Cries, you can also consider the Gold Editions which bundle in some DLCs and other content for a slightly higher price. For example, Far Cry 5's Gold Edition includes the game, the 'Deluxe Pack' weapons, skins and vehicles, the full game of Far Cry 3 (?!) and three DLCs for $18, reduced from $90. DLC season passes for various Far Cry games are also available at a discount, if you've already got the main game on Uplay but fancy picking up the extra content.

It's also worth noting that Ubisoft are still offering 60% off the first month of their Ubisoft+ games subscription service, giving you temporary access to more than a hundred games for $6, then $15 thereafter. You can check out our post from last week detailing that particular deal!

Phew, that's just about everything for now. Stay tuned for more deals as we find them.

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