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Octodad Not Octodead, Shorts Out Next Week

Still waiting on that Zoidberg tie-in.

If I was secretly any large animal, I expect it would be a bear. Not least for classic reasons but it also fits my desperate need to hibernate as we approach the winter months. The messy shedding. My giant claw like hands that destroy everything I touch. Octodad has none of these problems, of course. He's a finely controlled machine, a weapon of precision and has no body hair to speak of. And he's expanding, according to a new blog post, in a free update launching on the 14th of October. Deets in the depths below.

The two new levels are titled "Dad Romance" and "Medical Mess." Developers Young Horses described them thus:

After completing the story of Octodad: Dadliest Catch you might have been left wanting for more. Maybe you were curious how Octodad and Scarlet got along after their fateful first meeting aboard the fine vessel ‘The Cod of War’? Perhaps you’re curious what Stacy and Tommy do with their lavish amounts of free time?

I never particularly got on with the full release of Octodad, not finding the humour in its one-note joke extended long enough to carry a full game. I did rather enjoy watching RPS' own Philippa Warr slowly lose her mind attempting to climb an escalator during her livestreamed playthrough though. The final triumph is true e-sports. MLG.

It'll be discounted come release day, 50% off down to £5.98 on Steam and elsewhere.

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