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Silence Puny Humans, For Octodad SPEAKS

Dad sexy

Octodad's return is nearly upon us, and he's feeling downright dadly. He will not tolerate your frightened wails and muted mutterings. He does not care for your pitiful plights and strange obsessions with creepily young pop stars. He only wishes to... slip on banana peels and participate in an octopus-human marriage so adorable that I nearly forgot to be weirded out by it. Yeah, OK, so he's not the most threatening figure ever. Honestly, he's pretty much the opposite - which is to say, entirely delightful. I want to give him a big, sloppy, gelatinous hug. Unfortunately, all I can do at this point is look, not touch. So I guess I'll just have to settle for a new reel of Octodad: Dadliest Catch gameplay footage (now with voice acting!) after the break.

That was entirely too cute. It seems like Young Horses has really used the development time to dial up the little touches surrounding the fantastic (but also sort of overdone, at this point) core concept. I especially loved the church's stained glass Cthulhu, and the whole wedding scene was pure gold. Also, the breakdancing. Oh god the breakdancing. I really hope the full game manages to dual octa-wield such potent quantities of quirk and charm (and, er, six other things, I suppose), because I really like where it's headed so far.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch will be out sometime in January of 2014. Time to kick off the year of the (young) horse in style. With a horrifically gangly octopus who can't even make breakfast without leveling the better part of a neighborhood. Bet your dad isn't even close to that cool.

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