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Octodad is 79p on Steam so buy it, you chump


This is an RPS public service announcement. Please remain indoors and boot up Steam. Octodad: Dadliest Catch, the immortal tale of a struggling father and loving husband, is 79p on Steam. That's 99 cents for all you United Statesians. And 92 centimes for our European reader.* Octodad is a literary masterpiece about the emotional turmoil of living far from your true home. A Steinbeckian fable about hiding a devastating secret from the ones you love, and trying your hardest to maintain the simple life of a caring family man when pursued by those who would seek their own fulfillment in the destruction of your happiness. Also, you're an octopus.

Okay, so it falls neatly into the genre of "joke game told so well I don't even need to buy it to laugh". But 79p! For that, you can pay these nice people for the joke. Nathan did our Octodad review and he said it "wears out its rather gimmicky welcome quickly, despite the clear amount of love and detail packed into each of its environments". But Nathan isn't here anymore, and I am. Octodad is great. Flailing around and trying to walk down the aisle to your wedding is a fun thing to do. For 79p, it is a nugget of comic gold.

You'll also presumably get the Octodad Shorts, the free DLC the creators added back in 2014. Those tales of cephalopod clumsiness see the humble da reliving his first date with his now-wife, along with a fantasy in which he is a nurse at the local hospital.

Other good memories of Octodad including former RPS-person Pip Warr finally reaching the top of an escalator. Like so.

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Anyway, yes. Go buy that now please. Okay, bye.

*Ca va, Michel?

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