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Roll The Bones: Let Your Mind Fall To Rest

This is what inside your head looks like

I don't believe tarot has occult powers, but I do think anything that throws a load of symbols at you to interpret can help get your thoughts in order. Let Your Mind Fall to Rest does this quite literally. The latest from increpare, of English Country Tune and Slave of God fame, it has you roll two dice covered in esoteric symbols and leaves the rest up to you. Dice Man where you figure out the commands after you roll.

Two giant hands loom out the spiritual fog, holding dice which crack and grind like a landslide as they rattle around. Holding space or clicking releases the dice and away they go, rolling your future, whatever you like, or dread, to think your future might be. Some icons are fairly clear, like two smiling people, a clock, a winkie, a television, empty and occupied wombs, while others take a bit of squinting to figure out. Is that a brush and a bed to mean a night-time routine? Is that fire or a vulva?

It doesn't really matter what they are, more what you think they are, how you combine those two icons with what's going on inside your head, and that brief moment of reflection. Let Your Mind Fall to Rest is a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but here, I took the liberty of rolling the dice for you:

I wouldn't say we're close, but Stephen Lavelle and I move in similar circles. He helped me turn a shed into a 'Love Cabin' for the last Wild Rumpus by artfully staplegunning fake flowers to it.

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