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Gather Round For This Gorgeous Amphora Trailer

A big jar of loveliness

Moondrop have released a trailer for their puzzle game Amphora and it's stunning. I was going to say it was the most beautiful thing I'd seen all day except that during the course of writing this article I watched Alfonso Ribeiro finally doing the Carlton Dance on Dancing With The Stars.

So! Amphora is a puzzle game which is coming out in November. The art style is inspired by shadow theatre, but the way it's been coloured also puts me in mind of stained glass windows. Also quilling, which is a way of arranging thin scrolls of coloured paper to make pictures.

The puzzle solving element is based around physics puzzles and object manipulation – one video shows you attaching fallen stars to ropes which hang from trees. A few other videos show people or animals apparently being exploded by a jar which falls from space. The eponymous amphora, I would assume.

How much exploding of loved up couples and hares you'll get to actually do in the game is a matter on which I am uncertain. The general tone of the trailer suggests something creative and poetic rather than HERE IS A BIG JAR RUSHING AT YOUR FACE GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Lyrical not projectile.

Here's another beautiful teaser video which shows one of Aesop's fables - The Tortoise And The Hare. I do not remember the part where the hare gets splattered but then it's been a while since I read those stories. It's so pretty, though.

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