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CS:GO's Halloween Will See You In Hell, Mothercluckers

CS:GO chickens have been to hell and back

Tis the season for games to get some kind of pumpkin-flavoured update (or to prompt outrage by dealing in precisely zero pumpkins/ghosts/costumes). In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hallowe'en means Valve will have done something utterly adorable to their map chickens. And by map chickens I don't mean those losers who mill about accidentally falling victim to my friendly fire*, I mean the actual chickens.

Last year's Hallowe'en was a wonderful time because it involved tiny ghost chickens roaming around in tiny white bedsheets with eyeholes cut out. This year? This year chicken hell is FULL, mothercluckers. That means any birds you murder will be delivered straight back to the map in a charming green hue, wings outstretched and shuffling forth.

In an incredibly scientific poll (I posted a question on Twitter) the ghost chickens were judged the more adorable option (93% approval) but I would like to mount a defence of the zombies. I think they suffered hugely from the fact that a lot of the pleasure comes from their shuffly gait and outstretched wings. In using a still image I unfairly skewed the results in favour of the ghosts. I am sorry.

In addition to undead fowl, the update also offers up masks (including ones from Payday 2 and TF2) and the chance to see the ghosts of your fallen friends. In terms of functional changes, items of note include making the balcony at B in Mirage a bit larger as well as moving the potted plants which affected Mid/Connector vision (flowerpots OP). Inferno has also had some bug fixes and some boost spots removed, while knife fans can now also see both sides of their blades in the inventory inspect option. Handy for traders, enthusiasts and people who had a phobia of one-sided knives (monopleuraichmophobia).

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm off to no-scope a chicken**.


**not a euphemism

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