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Bingeing CS:GO won't get you into Counter-Strike 2's test faster, Valve say

Old-timers win

After weeks of teases and rumours, Counter-Strike 2 invaded the internet to confirm that, yes, it was a real thing and not a figment of the community's shared imagination. It’s fully launching this summer, and Valve have been holding a limited access test since the pseudo-sequel's announcement. They’ve been inviting select players based on factors that are important to the dev team, such as trust factor, Steam account standing, and recent playtime on Valve servers. But last night, Valve shook their finger like a stern parent, informing fans that playing more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wouldn’t get them into the CS2 test any faster.

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Valve swiftly locked the door on newbies bingeing CS:GO over the last week. “Idling on official matchmaking servers in CS:GO does not increase your chances of making [it] into the CS2 Limited Test,” they shared on Twitter. “The playtime that counts was your playtime prior to the start of the Limited Test.”

Valve had previously stated they’re gradually rolling out more limited test invites, and those hopeful players should keep checking the CS:GO menu - not the various third-party sites asking for your information. So if you’ve been a longtime CS:GO fan, there’s still a chance you’ll be invited to try the Source 2 revamp. It seems that new players, however, won’t have any such luck, and all players in general won’t be able to increase their chances any further.

For now, hopeful fans can simply gorge on the previously revealed details. In the same logic as those scammy diets that ask you to sniff food rather than eat it, perhaps reading about Counter-Strike 2 will satisfy your hunger. CS2 will be a free upgrade to CS:GO, carrying over all of your unlocks. Its three swanky improvements come in the form of extra realistic smoke effects, a new approach to tick rates, and a handful of overhauled maps.

You can read about all of the changes on the official Counter-Strike 2 websit, or watch three brief Youtube videos outlining the improvements.

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