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Traitorous Co-op: Hit's Spy Vs. Spies Vs. Evil Genius

Wasn't me

An objective-driven co-op shooter set in the big colourful world of '70s espionage flicks sounds splendid. One where a member of your spy team is also a traitor, that's even better. And that's Hit, a student game currently on a mission to infiltrate Steam Greenlight. Oh, and it'll be free. Aces. Do come watch the trailer, won't you? Unless you have some reason not to. Something to hide. Some secret motive. You don't, do you? Of course not, not you, o dear pal o' mine. Do you?

Hit sends you and your BFFs into an evil genius's volcano lair to stop them from launching a missile, as spies often do. You're a crack team of specialists with abilities from high-tech camouflage to healing, almost certainly an unstoppable force. Unless. The randomly-selected rogue agent will try to sabotage objectives without being caught, which one imagines will lead to Werewolf-style paranoia and elaborate counter-spy practices. Or murder. Lots of murder.

Whether it's the space-wizards and miscreants of Space Station 13, TF2's spies, or simply being an ass to pals in co-op FPSs and swearing blind it wasn't me that opened the door/set off the car alarm/dropped a grenade, I do find a spot of sabotage and suspicion interesting. Giving enough space for ne'er-do-wells to get away with naughtiness but without making detection too hard is a tricky balancing act, though.

The Hit gang plan to release it this winter for free, without ads or in-game purchases.

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