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The Greatest Steam Store Page: School Bus Fun

Boring Childhood Simulator 2014

I am not regularly confused. Games may terrify, amaze or intrigue me, but it is rare that I come across something like School Bus Fun and, specifically, its Steam page. The game itself is a pretty pedestrian time management sim about taking kids to school, though not on a bus or in a way that looks especially fun. False advertising! There's a selection of upgrades and rewards based on performance. There's the plot of a mother deciding to turn taking her kids to school into a business. But none of that is what drew me to it.

First, there was this user review, a true work of art, up to and including the argument in the comments underneath. The rhyme would be enough, but committing to a serious argument with someone about Steam names is the extra mile. Good work from all. Then there's screenshots like this and this, which the glimpses of character screens during the trailer below suggest are scores based on which characters are in the car at a given time. The cherry on top is the tags that have been applied, which include gore and horror. While I agree that there is something charmingly creepy about it, that might be pushing it a little far.

The happy-go-lucky music playing over a view of a trophy cabinet which contains, among other things, a child's head painted silver inside a cage. Video games, eh? Brilliant.

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