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Unscripted Sieging: 6 Rounds of Rainbow Six Siege

Watch 6 supposedly unscripted sieges

We were quite excited about the defence-building, wall-exploding, hostage-rescuing, man-shooting action of Rainbow Six Siege during E3, but the demo Ubisoft showed was ever-scripted and poorly-acted silliness. We've been waiting to see actual gameplay since, and last week Ubisoft showed it off with six supposedly live rounds during a livestream. You may be surprised to learn that unscripted Siege contains fewer dramatic twists and less emoting than the demo. Come watch the games yourself and see what you make of it now.

Unscripted, Siege inevitably looks a lot lot less exciting. However, it might be difficult to pull off anything that great when you're discussing tactics aloud while the other sits directly opposite. Most rounds of any FPS aren't that great to watch anyway. It's the exceptions, the rounds with twists and turns and surprises, that keep us excited enough to play through the slow ones.

Ubisoft's hosts start gabbing about the game at about the 20-minute mark, show two scripted rounds at around 24 minutes (why?), followed by three rounds of actual unscripted play at 35 minutes, take a break, then play another three at 55 minutes. However, for supposedly unscripted live gameplay, I did notice a fair few fade transitions--or glitches which happen to look an awful lot like fade transitions. Hmm. Bit suspicious, that.

Siege is due next year, developed at Ubisoft's Montreal studio.

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