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Beauty Beheld: Future Unfolding

If you go down to the woods today...

Shhhhhhh. Wherever you might be right now try to attain a sense of peace. No distractions. Don't look at the other tabs, elbowing for room up there at the top of the browser, don't look at your inbox. If you're at work, phase out the voices of your colleagues, the clatter of their keyboards and the sighs of their despondency. If you're lying in bed or on a couch, this is perfect timing. We're going to a forest now, full of mystery, beauty and danger, but you can let the wind wash over you without moving an inch. This is the utterly gorgeous Future Unfolding. If you're on the toilet, don't strain quite so hard for a minute.

This is a tasty vidya game. What's it all about though? Walking simulator? Real world Pokemon?

Future Unfolding lets you explore a world filled with life, both beautiful and dangerous. The world is procedurally generated, and each play-through allows you to experience a new and different layout. Observe and interact with the wildlife to get clues and discover patterns in this mystical place. Use the patterns to locate hidden secrets and find your way to the goal. Find your path with the help of wild animals, while avoiding the other less friendly creatures.

The trio of developers at Spaces of Play (previous work - Spirits) say that their goal is to "close the gap between stunning visual worlds and experimental game play". My goal is to play the damn thing the minute it's available. That'll be sometime in 2015. Feast your eyes on the website, which is almost as attractive as the video.

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