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Staying Out For The Summer: RPS Social Club

Blue Posts, London, tomorrow

I have been a terrible host. The RPS Social Club has continued its regular meetings these past months but I have neglected to inform the wider community. Blame inconveniently timed press trips. Blame erratic sleep patterns. Blame the loss of my Debrett's pocketbook.

The time for revelry and social gaming (of the good sort) has arrived once more, however, and I'm on the case this time. The London RPS Social Club are gathering in their usual haunt tomorrow evening, The Blue Posts, and there is talk of outdoor hijinks in a park beforehand to take advantage of the glorious weather. Discuss the matter within this forum thread. As always, if you're planning a gathering in your area, let me know and I'll include it in a round-up of RPS happenings next month.

I've never been to the London gatherings but as I understand it, beverages are consumed and games are played. If you're planning to take a game along, let the forums know in case someone else has the same idea. Nobody wants to bring every Arkham Horror expansion to a pub only to find that the blasted things are already there. Nor is there actually a pub in this land large enough to contain every Arkham Horror expansion.

Usual meeting time is 7 but with the weather so fine (too bloody hot if you ask me, not that anyone did), a lark in a park beforehand seems very sensible. Hop to it. And, yes, next week I'll post the news earlier in the week. I have been consumed by words these last few days.

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