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Overwatch's next character is lady gunslinger Ashe


The next character coming to Overwatch is a female gunslinger named Ashe, Blizzard announced during BlizzCon today. The leader of the Deadlock Gang and an old acquaintance of McCree, she's armed with a lever-action rifle, carries a double-barrelled shotgun she can 'rocket-jump' with, tosses dynamite-shaped explosives, and summons a honking great robo bandit as her Ultimate ability. I'm always up for gunslinging and rocket-jumping so yes, please, let's do this. Come meet Ashe in new videos fresh out of BlizzCon.

First, the animated short introducing her (and hinting at future mysteries):

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Echo, the robot there, is lined up as a future character, going by what Blizzard were saying during the presentation. Not yet, though. First, Ashe is coming. See some of her abilities in this video here:

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What a lovely big robot B.O.B. there is. Ashe's page on the Overwatch site explains that popping her ult summons the big lad, who then "charges forward and knocks enemies into the air, then lays down suppressing fire with his arm cannons." A shove-y turret of sorts, then. One with a nice hat.

The double-barrelled blast is her 'Coach Gun' ability, which shoves both Ashe and her target backwards. And if you're looking downwards... well, it'll shove you up. Always a favourite move of mine, that.

Blizzard haven't said quite when Ashe is coming, but I'd expect her on the test servers soon.

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