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Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Silent Assassin walkthrough: best ways to kill the targets

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The quiet suburbs of Whittleton Creek don’t seem like the sort of place an assassin would be required to visit. When an elderly member of a world-manipulating organisation for the elite and his over-zealous security detail live there, though, it’s just another classic job for Agent 47. This change of scenery means different tactics are required to pull off the perfect hit on Janus and Nolan Cassidy, while gathering the intel required to complete your mission. Exactly how, you ask? You best read on for our Whittleton Creek Silent Assassin walkthrough to find out.

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Silent Assassin walkthrough

What if it’s only your first time in Whittleton Creek, though? You might want to give our Whittleton Creek a browse to better familiarise yourself with every aspect of the level. Alternatively you can also head to our Hitman 2 guide hub for more Silent Assassin guides. This walkthrough assumes you’re playing Whittleton Creek from the original starting location with no concealed weapons and any or none of the game’s other basic items.

Step 1: Eliminating Nolan Cassidy

We’re going to start with Nolan Cassidy as it’s very easy to kill him in secret and continue on with the rest of the level as if nothing had ever happened. First, you’re going to want to get your hands on some rat poison. From your starting position take an immediate right at the crossroads and head towards the unassuming house on the right. Open the garage door using the switch on the wall and collect the rat poison from inside.

Agent 47 standing outside Nolan Cassidy's window.

Double back towards the split in the road and follow it all the way down to the end until you reach the creek – making a mental note of the house covered in party decorations. Follow that to the right where you’ll see a small shack and a nurse talking to some ducks. When the nearby residents aren’t looking, subdue the nurse and drag them into the shack through the window. Stow his body in the container – you’ll need it later. While in the shack, collect the propane flask on the side.

Remember that house you passed moments ago decked out in party paraphernalia? Return there. Go in through the front door and up the stairs immediately in front of you. Follow the corridor a little off to the left and enter the door on the left. You’ll surprise a server randomly loitering inside. When his back is turned, biff him over the head with the propane flask. Drag him out that door and through the opposite door into a bedroom. You can hide him in the wardrobe and take his outfit. Don’t forget to collect the propane flask.

Agent 47 standing awkwardly in a pink room with a fast food salesman. There is allegedly an option to pick up a "Meaty Bone".

Head down into the garden and make your way to the BBQ. Install the propane flask to get the grill going and step in place behind the table to start serving food. You might have a bit of a wait, but eventually, Nolan Cassidy will turn up to give it a taste. Douse the chips in rat poison and serve him a portion. When it upsets his stomach, follow him to the bathroom and drown him in the toilet. Drag his body to the wardrobe and mark your first objective as complete.

Step 2: Collecting clues and gathering evidence

Leave the party house you’ve dramatically crashed through the front door and towards the house directly opposite. It’s the one with the garage door wide open and serves as Cassidy’s base of operations. Sneak into the garage with ease and make your way to the door at the back. Activate the generator to lure the guard outside and when he comes to investigate knock him out. Take his uniform and hide the body in the nearby container.

Next, you need to go into the room he came out of and complete three tasks. First: collect the cassette tape sitting on the middle table. Second: collect the letter laying on the surface near the back of the room. Third: disable the security system. At all times, keep an eye out for one of the guards who can blow your cover.

Agent 47 dressed as a burger salesman looking suspicious as a man throws up in the toilet nearby.

Once that’s done, leave as you entered and move towards the house under construction on the opposite side of the road. You’ll want to leap the fence into the back garden, but don’t worry about trespassing as your disguise will let you roam unnoticed. In the back garden, you’ll want to climb the ladder at the rear of the property and head into the attic by pulling the cord. Insert the tape you found into the conveniently placed tape recorder. Once it’s inserted you don’t need to hang around to listen to the conversation if you don’t want to – the objective will start mark as complete.

Now, leap back over the fence onto the same road with the house you collected the rat poison from right at the start. Head down that road and you’ll see another property with a pink van out the front. That’s your next destination.

You can get in very easily through an open window that faces the road. Hop over the fence and clamber inside. The couple should be chatting away in the kitchen, so you can safely go upstairs. You’re heading for the bedroom, but before you can enter you’ll need a key to unlock it. At the top of the stairs make an immediate right and enter the door on your right to another bedroom. The key is on the side table by the bed.


Double back out and unlock the door opposite. There’s a ridiculous robe inside you can’t miss. Slip into it and you’ll receive your third clue to complete the secondary objective. As much as you probably want to keep the robe on, you should probably change back into your previous disguise. Head out the window and jump back down to the street.

Agent 47 in a plaid shirt wandering into a basement and approaching a generator.

Step three: Eliminating Janus

So, remember that nurse you knocked out earlier? Now it’s his time to be of use. Return to the shack and disguise yourself as him. Make your way back up the road you’ve just walked down, looking for a house on the right with a guard posted outside. This is the house where Janus lives – your second and final target.

Agent 47 in a bandana and nurse scrubs, approaching the porch of a man in a pink shirt. He's standing rather awkwardly on guard.

The guard will want to frisk you, so make sure you’re not carrying any weapons. Once you’re clear, ring the doorbell and wait for Janus to answer. He’ll show you in and lead you to his bedroom. Slip the Janus house key into your pocket on the side table before you climb the stairs, though.

Before you can administer the medical exam on Janus, his closest bodyguard will want to have a word with you. Turns out, he doesn’t trust you yet and wants to perform a background check. Not good. Agree to his terms and wait in the study.

Once you’ve been locked in and placed on a timer, unceremoniously unlock the door with your key and carefully proceed back to Janus’ bedroom while avoiding the guards. Once you’ve reached him, tell him to head to the bathroom for the exam. You can go ahead and wait for him if it’s easiest to dodge the guards again.

Agent 47 administering treatment to Janus, who is lying down. There is the option to smother him.

Once he’s inside you may begin the world’s laziest medical checkup, though we all know 47 is there to deliver some bad results. Smother Janus with the pillow and your job here is almost finished. All you need to do is escape out the window and make your way to the exit where you started to receive your Silent Assassin rating.

Tada! Another mission handled like a true pro. If you want to learn more about the Whittleton Creek map, you can head to our Whittleton Creek guide. You must be getting pretty good at this by now. There’s only one to go, so head onwards to read how to ace the final mission in our Isle of Sgàil Silent Assassin guide.

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