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Rainbow Six Siege introduces long-range shoving with Operation Wind Bastion


Shoving people on their arse from long-distance is the superpower of one of the two new characters coming to Rainbow Six Siege with its next free update, and I cannot imagine a wizard more perfect for me. The other new wizard has the ability to electrify deployed wire, shields, and barricades, which is a nice bit of elemental magic but not as good as shoving. Over the weekend Ubisoft revealed 'Operation Wind Bastion', the final update of its third year, showing off the new Moroccan lords and the new Moroccan map one of them calls home. But the important part is: shoving.

Nomad is the one with the shoves, wee 'AirJab' traps she can shoot out which stick to surfaces then, when a baddie gets near, go off to give an almighty shove that can knock people down and even through weak walls. That's the good shoves. She's the first Attacker who can place traps, Ubisoft say, and they certainly are aggressive. Able to blap 'em out quickly from a distance, she can even use them on the offensive. I like this shoving.

The other new wizard is Kaid, a Defender able to throw out three 'Electroclaw' gadgets which electrify all reinforced structures within about a one-metre radius. Handy; not as cool as shoving. Kaid's also the boss of the new map, a fortress up in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Its name is, imaginatively, Fortress.

No firm word yet on when Operation Wind Bastion will launch, but it's probably within a few weeks. Ubisoft show off Nomad, Kaid, and Fortress together in this vid:

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