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Obi-Wan and the Battle Of Geonosis arrive in Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Resumed, the clone wars have

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is still alive and kicking, despite being supplanted by Battlefield 5 as flavour of the week. The once-wonky shooter has seen some laudable improvements since launch (including loot boxes being almost entirely excised), and recent months have been especially kind. Today's update adds a new Clone Wars-era map, the Battle of Geonosis plus a young-ish Obi-Wan Kenobi playable. This is on top of recent updates including a Battlefield-ish squad-spawn system and General Grievous joining the baddies. I sense an impressive trailer below.

Others have joked about the Geonosis map in Battlefront 2 looking better than it did in Attack of The Clones. While I'm not entirely convinced, I can't deny that it's more visually consistent due to not having any green-screen silliness involved. The Geonosis map is a full-scale Galactic Assault battlefront featuring three new vehicles. The droid army get STAP hover-platforms, and the clones are attacking with BARC speeder-bikes and lumbering hexapod AT-TE walkers. It looks and sounds like Star Wars, which is exactly why people play Battlefront 2, really.

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Those who haven't played Battlefront 2 in a while and are returning for the new map should find the game a little snappier than it used to be. An update at the end of September patched in the squad-spawn system from more recent Battlefield games. Now instead of hiking across the map whenever you die, you can just respawn seamlessly near a squadmate, so long as they're not actively taking damage - this ramps up the pace a bit. Hero units start at map-edge spawn points, though, giving the opposing team more of a chance to whittle them down before they get into the scrum.

The update is live and free for all. You can see the patch notes here. Those wanting to binge on the new map are well served - Dice are running an optional Geonosis-only playlist for today and tomorrow, expanding into a Clone Wars playlist running from Friday until next Monday, December 3rd.

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