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Ultimate Audio Bang #23: our favourite FPS game modes

A nostalgia power hour

On this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we get all nostalgic as we pick our favourite FPS game modes over the years. It's mainly an excuse for me for me to bring up Gears Of War and it's long-forgotten Wingman mode, which I demand make a return to the series. I also learn that Hayden likes big games, big modes, and big comradery.

There's quite a few tangents in this episode too, mainly surrounding Star Wars and the golden days of Xbox Live. I mean, it's a nostalgia trip so it's only natural we're going to plumb the depths of our youth.

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And to round off the pod, we talk a bit about the games we're playing right now. Namely the one with the cat (Stray), alongside Judgment on the PS5.

Thanks as always for listening and stay tuned for our next episode which tackles some interesting weaponry in FPS land.

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