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Have You Played... Faith?

Is that you Captain Howdy?

Faith is one of those little treasures you stumble across on your monthly horror binge. You know the kind I'm talking about: lights off, duvet fort built, armed with snacks, something scary, and a pair of trembling hands to cover your eyes a la Ju-On: The Grudge. Obviously, that’s a lot harder to do when you’re playing a horror game.

Faith is about a priest returning to a house where he once performed an exorcism. It's how you’d imagine a follow-up film to the Exorcist would go if at least one of the priests, SPOILER, survived.

It comes complete with scarily animated demonic entities and a cursed house-load of existential dread all within a sparsely drawn game world. Pixels really. Just a bunch of skeletal pixel drawings. And yet, you can easily imagine some kind of urban legend attached to this thing: that the person who made the game now haunts it. "My cousin’s uncle says if you walk backwards through the basement sigil you will be forever cursed" or something vaguely similar. ‘Tis all part of its horrific charm.

In film terms, because I feel like horror fans speak the language of the genre across mediums, it's like an Exorcist movie wrapped up in Suspiria coloured tissue paper. If it had, you know, been created in MS-DOS... by a GHOST.

You can get Faith on Itch.io.

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