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Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble pre-order guide

Details of the pre-order options available for Rastakhan's Rumble.

Rastakhan's Rumble has just been announced at BlizzCon 2018, and Hearthstone's next expansion digs deep into the Troll tribe of Warcraft for its thematic inspirations.

Expect 135 new cards, an interesting new Overkill mechanic which rewards you for dealing surplus damage to minions, and a Loa Champion and Spirit companion for each hero.

As you'd expect by now, there are also a handful of pre-order bonuses available for those who want to commit to the new Hearthstone expansion ahead of time.

In this article, we'll outline all of the options available to you if you want to bag some goodies. Head over to the official pre-order page if you'd like to take advantage of either of these offers.

Rastakhan's Rumble: Challenger's Bundle

The most basic pre-order option aimed at the more budget-orientated player includes the following items:

  • Cost: $19.99
  • Ready to Rumble card back
  • 17 x Rastakhan's Rumble card packs

Rastakhan's Rumble: Rumble Bundle

If you fancy splurging a little and getting a few more card packs lined up for launch, this pack offers the following bonuses:

  • Cost: $49.99
  • Read to Rumble card back
  • 50 x Rastakhan's Rumble card packs

Rastakhan's Rumble: Pre-order card back

Here's the cosmetic card back that you'll receive for pre-ordering Rastakhan's Rumble:

Take a look at our comprehensive Rastakhan's Rumble guide if you'd like more information about the upcoming Hearthstone expansion.

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