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What are we all playing this weekend?


I'm adrift in time, tossed on waves of sales which hide landmarks and leave me lost as to when it is. I had thought to blurb this intro with something about Bonfire Night coming but... that has already happened. I mean, it is still coming, but not for another 49 weeks. I used to be able to sail this timesea based on a few distinct sales but now I am lost.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


Get used to hearing this, but: now there are two children in the house, planning to play games of a weekend is about as realistic as hoping to go on a long bike ride while I'm on an intercontinental flight. That said, a spot of after-hours Hitman 2 may well be on the cards. Blood Money has finally been toppled as Bestest Best Hitman - and I'm weirdly hooked on the brief, single-screen Sniper Assassin Mode.

Alice Bee

Alice has been fired.

Alice L

Another Alice has been fired.

Alice O

A-Alice? Other Alice? But I'm still here. After picking Destiny 2 up for free in that "oh no, please play our game" giveaway, I burned through it and bought the expansions. I wished to see more pretty places and collect more big revolvers; so far it has satisfied.


Brendan has been fired.


This weekend is essentially a long weekend for me, so I'll be jumping into Monster Hunter: World to slay the Lunastra that just appeared in the game. I will also be leaping back into Fallout 76 too in order to take part in the Daily Quests for the good loot.


I started Hitman 2 and so far I've clumsily gassed an empty room, shot three people in the head, and blown myself up with a haphazardly dropped grenade. The tutorial now complete, I'm now on to Miami, and excited to have a stack of murderboxes ahead of me.


John has been fired.




This weekend I'll be playing Moving, which Nathan Grayson has already reviewed for Kotaku. It does not sound like the best time.


Having lost Katharine to Black Friday deals mania the plan was to play more Red Dead, but I'm enjoying Hitman 2 more. Not content with offing Sean Bean with a combination of hurled muffins and a hurling Bean, I'm now trying to squeeze all the assassinations from Whittleton Creek. Trying to snipe two targets from a kid's treehouse, without attracting the attention of the massive BBQ party taking place next door, is proving very tricky.


Nöa has been fired.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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