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Vermintide 2 returning to Ubersreik in next DLC

Oh rats!

The next DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will call back to the first game, revisiting and reworking three of the cooperative FPS's most popular levels. Back To Ubersreik is its name, and making three old levels "Bigger, better, and crazier!" is its game, according to developers Fatshark. They've only confirmed one level so far, the game-opening Horn Of Magnus where our four ratsmashers have to blow a big ol' horn to warn everyone: rats, oh god rats.

"The Back To Ubersreik DLC levels are based on playtime in the first game," Fatshark say. And Horn Of Magnus was the most popular. They say the olde leveles have "been overhauled and have never been more beautiful", plus of course Chaos forces will be scampering out as well as ratmen this time.

I've only played Vermintide 2, not the first, so tell me, gang: should I be glad that more of 1 is coming to 2? I know our Alec thought in his Vermintide 2 review that the sequel was an improvement over the first, so it'll be good to see more of the original's levels within a better shell?

The first DLC added two new-new levels. Presumably the next will follow suit and let a whole party play it as long as one member owns the DLC. No word on a price yet.

Back To Ubersreik is due to launch some time in December. For now, a series of pictures displayed at such a speed that the human eye interprets it as movement:

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