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Just Cause 4's best trailer stars a clumsy Japanese otter mascot

I adore her

You'll have seen those Just Cause 4 trailers, yeah? Explosions, clips of dramatic dialogue, Inception bwamps, music building to a drop... video game trailer stuff, right? Turns out, Just Cause 4 has a wholly delightful strand of marketing too, for Japan. Chiitan, the energetic but accident-prone otter mascot of Tokyo's Akihabara district, stars in a series of videos attempting to recreate the dramatic stunts of Rico Rodriguez and... they do not go well. It is good when they do not go well. I am glad when the otter's hopes and dreams crash into the realities of swinging on grappling hooks, running through storms, and gliding with a wingsuit.

Chiitan has the energy of a less-creepy Mr Blobby (look, you can't say Japan is weird when we let that horror loose on prime time television then gave him not only a #1 single but a theme park too). Her energy is insufficient for the challenges.

The Chiitan promo page and lighthearted take on the murderman's antics of the delightful Japanese fad of recreating video game box art using cute clip art:

I believe Chiitan is the supersize mascot form of an actual real otter. Both the big and the small are on Twitter so there's a hot tweettip.


It is good when things do not go well for the otter. Oh god she has a YouTube channel too, there goes my afternoon.

Oh, yeah, and Just Cause 4 is due to launch on December 4th.

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