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This Easter egg makes up for at least some of Just Cause 4's faults

Stumbling away

When they're not being used as central plot beats in books that endorse rose-tinted megalomania while ignoring the root causes of staggering societal inequality, Easter eggs can be pretty cool. They're at their best when you stumble across them yourself, of course, but after John's Just Cause 4 review I'm not touching it with a ten foot long grappling hook.

I'm glad some people are playing though, because it meant I got to see Rico Rodriguez walk into his very own Take On Me music video.

Here's the footage, courtesy of Twitter user "Nitomatta".

I am sad Rico does not dance back.

I wondered if anyone else had done this, and they may well have, but the existence of Ready Player One has ironically obfuscated google searches for Easter eggs that aren't to do with Ready Player One. Yet another thing to add to its list of crimes.

This isn't the first egg laid by Just Cause 4: we've already seen Rodriguez attempt Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy, with narration from Foddy himself. Sadly, the actual game doesn't sound nearly as entertaining. Here's just a snippet from John's review:

"I’m just at a loss as to how this has happened. Just Causes have been buggy, sure. But they’ve never felt at least six months from finished. I cannot fathom how this wasn’t lengthily delayed, because it’s in such a dismal state. Although that said, even if the bugs and AI were fixed, it would still leave behind a version of Just Cause that barely changes anything you actually do since the third edition, yet has made every aspect of doing it so astronomically more annoying."

Maybe that's why Rico isn't dancing.

Cheers, Eurogamer.

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