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Just Cause 4 will let Rico while away the hours with goats


After seven months driving and diving and leaping and exploding around since Just Cause 4's launch, Rico Rodriguez will soon be able to enjoy a slower pace of life. A future update will extend the weirdly short nights of the in-game day cycle, for starters. More importantly, Rico will get to change the time of day by parking his bum in a comfy chair and watching the world go by, attracting flocks of wild animals to hang out as he idles. Sit down and before you know it, it'll be night and you'll be surrounded by goats. A great many ill-advised nights out have been sparked by animal magnetism, I'm told.

"Following fan feedback we're pleased to confirm that the day/night cycle will be adjusted. Players can now expect night-time to last longer whilst exploring Solís," the developers said in a development update post on Friday.

Currently, the days on Solís are long and the nights, when they finally do arrive, are super short. More Scandanavian than South American, these nights. So Rico doesn't get to enjoy the nightlife and his fancy investment in a glowing supercar seems a bit wasted. What if you do want to linger in nights or return to day?

"We're pleased to reveal that throughout the world players will be able to change the time of day quickly by sitting down in new Avalanche Studios deck chairs," they explain. "These deck chairs can be found scattered across Solís. Rico will be joined by wild animals when watching the world go by, so get ready to enjoy the sunset with your new goat pals."

These features are due to arrive in an update this August. In the meantime, you can change the time of day with a wee tool.

Frankly, every feature in the game should summon wild animals. Get in a plane? Goat appears in the passenger seat. Parachute out? You're tandem diving with a goat strapped to your chest. Changing weapon? A goat hands it to you. Encounter a goat out in the world? It's now two goats. Four goats. Eight goats. Sixteen goats. All the goats.

Next month will also bring more challenges ("aerial acrobatics" this time) and some other new bits for free in the 'Legacy Pack'. Probably stuff from older Causes Just, yeah? A paid vehicle pack with a flying car and the final part of the expansion pass, named Danger, is coming in August too. We've yet to see exactly how Danger will incorporate goats. Maybe the titular Danger is goats.

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