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Just Cause 4 expansion adds hoverboards with gosh dang KICKFLIPS

This is the end

O, the tale of wiley explosion-magnet Rico Rodriguez is indeed drawing to a close. Just Cause 4's third and final expansion Danger Rising brings an end to the series yarn about ludicrous chaos, secretly evil government agencies, and demons(?). And like the final chapter of any great work of cultural significance, the conclusion of Just Cause will feature the most important element of storytelling: Kick-flipping hoverboards.

Developer Avalanche Games revealed Rico's prototype hoverboard by video. Danger Rising adds eight additional missions, along with some new vehicles and fancy new weapons, but the trailer is really a veritable eyefeast of slow-motion hoverboard lunacy. Watch as Rico hoverboards across the surface of the ocean. Notice as Rico grinds along rails, then kick-flips over exploding helicopters. Observe how Rico leaps out of an aircraft like that bit in Point Break and swan dives into hundreds of projectile missiles.

Danger Rising will launch August 29th for Expansion Pass and Gold Edition owners, then be sold individually from September 5th. The Pass costs £23/€30/$30 and includes another two expansions. No word yet on how much Danger Rising will cost separately.

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