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Prickly Pair: Gamma4 & Norrland

Indie dev Cactus has released two new games, both deeply different and both deeply Cactus (read: disturbing).

Gamma4 is a beautiful, disappointingly brief headtrip set to a club beat where you guide four independant lasers through various squres. I say it's disappointing, but I'm sure if it were any longer it'd just start to hurt. Norrland is a little stranger, being a kind of 8-bit simulator of a Swedish hillbilly on a hunting trip. In between shooting and punching various animals you deal with dreams of withering insecurity. Videos of (and thoughts on) both after the jump.

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It's probably deliberate that Gamma4 sees you accidentally drawing a neon swastika in its opening seconds, but I'm not going to dwell on that. I love the rawness of this game. I love the simplicity of its concept and how it's been given body through stunning visuals, a fierce difficulty and an aggressive soundtrack. It's like playing a music visualisation. Not only did I finish it, I want to play through it again. I probably will when I'm done with this post. That basically never happens.

Grab Gamma4 here.

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As for Norrland, the less said the better, probably. Download it here.

We're seeing more of it every day, but I'm still a a long way from getting tired of this comedy retro aesthetic. So many indie devs are getting so, so good at it.

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