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Further Use Of 'Gasm: Cargasm

Candella Software send word that they are developing a new racing game, Cargasm. A flavour of the announcement: "During races, players will be constantly exhorted to go faster by a bevy of Cargasm Girls. If they are fast enough, players can collect these ravishing maidens for their own personal Cargasm Harem." It also boasts a photorealistic central London to race around. That's going to make someone's day, I hope.

Anyway, the "gasm" suffix has, of course, found a home in games before, with Wargasm, and probably others I can't bring to mind. Inspired to push the idea further, I asked my Twitter followers what other ways the 'gasm suffix could find its way into the gaming lexicon. The results, such as they are, are below.

The top three suggestions were

1. Loregasm
2. Soregasm
3. Oregasm

Here's how some of the twitterati explained their choices when I asked how the 'gasm could be used in game marketing:

@davemcleod Loregasm - when a lore check rolls a critical in D&D. Or spending an hour on Lostipedia.

@Norgg Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Lawgasm

@butterbumps Moorgasm, based on Shakespeare's Othello. And of course the Star Trek Online expansion, Borgasm.

@McKelvie Thorgasm. Moregasm. Poorgasm (the sexual poverty game).

@MrAkPublishing Connect Fourgasm?

@kierongillen Or surely there's room for a BIG BONUS! moment where the game screams SCOREGASM!

(If that doesn't already exist then the entire history of gaming has failed us.)

@RevStu Don Priestley's Speccy classic "The Trap Doorgasm"?

@Beschizza Experience the unique thrill of gliding with Soargasm.

@BRKeogh Ya mum? (...sorry)

Oh and "Choregasm" is clearly that "achievements for domestic tasks" ARG thing all sexed up.

What would you like to see get a 'gasm, readers?

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