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Compoperation Arrowhead

Oh for heavens sake, yes we know they're not strictly tanks but... anyway, want a chance to win a copy of ArmA 2 expandalone, Operation Arrowhead? Want to play a big old co-op ArmA 2 game with fellow RPS readers and writers? If "yes", then click the digital King's Shilling below to find out more.

Join us!

We've not covered Operation Arrowhead in too much depth, but only because we were worried about the monster squid of arcane complexity that lurks inside in any game from Bohemia Interactive. Nevertheless, now is time to wrestle that squid and for us to investigate the game as a team. That means we need you guys.

Idea Games have air-dropped twenty (20!) copies of Operation Arrowhead into the reinforced RPS hyper-bunker (we left a window open so we could hear the birds arguing) and we thought there might be no better way to test drive this particular Hummer than to let you lot have at it in some kind of cooperative battle-event-thinger. So this is a recruitment drive. RPS needs soldiers. But more importantly, RPS needs YOU to be AVAILABLE! We're going to dish out 20 keys, but only to those happy few who promise - cross fingers and hope to be poked in the eye by Quinns - to be around for our own little D-Day on Sunday 22nd August at 2pm BST. If you really can't make that date and time, please don't bother applying. Winning a war involves being there in the first place.

To help with this, we're limiting this giveaway to registered folks. To have a chance of winning you need to be registered to RPS so you can receive private messages via the forum, and you need to leave a comment below. Give us a reason why you should win. The best twenty reasons why - as judged by the hivemind - will win the keys, and join us for a special mission on the 22nd.

We'll be doing a detailed After Action Report of the battle-event-thinger, so acts of extreme bravery are encouraged and will be rewarded with Fabulous Glitzy Prizes, just like in real war. In this case the Fabulous Prizes For Excellence will be 10 copies of the as yet unreleased British Forces DLC, only given for Victoria Cross levels of Stiff Upper Lipness Under Fire. Other, less heroic (or downright suicidal) acts during the event could earn you a map/poster or T-Shirt. We may even be able to make room for those of you who've already got a copy of OA! Stay tuned for details on the server and so forth, which are yet to come.

Also: see competition rules for, you know, the rules.

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