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Arma 2 Goes Over The Top In World War 1 Mod

Biplanes and bolt-actions

While we've seen oodles of FPSs set in World War II, the Great War has been less popular with developers. With long waits, shelling, disease, gas attacks, unwieldy guns, and marching futilely towards your death, it's a mite more difficult to glamorise and turn into an exciting rollercoaster. No, you want something that's wonky and often a bit unpleasant but ultimately dreams hard enough that it sweeps you up. This calls for Arma!

Arma 2: Combined Operations mod Over The Top released its first alpha version earlier this month for your downloading delight. It brings World War I to Arma 2, with biplanes, armoured cars, artillery, bolt-action rifles, trenches and whatnot. No trench foot.

As one might expect from the first alpha of an Arma mod, it's neither finished nor polished yet. "There will be lots of bugs and incomplete things," developers Decades of Development warn. Along with fixing things up, their future plans include adding more factions and, gosh oh gosh, possibly horses. Here's the dev team's dramatic vision of the mod:

And here's how Over The Top actually looks when someone's actually playing it. No Man's Land seems more like No Men Land, eerily empty, but that's a problem y'all could help solve by downloading and playing the mod if you fancy it.

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