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The Situation: Arma 3's Beta Gets A SITREP

If, like me, you are a kind of cyborg, you might recall that one of Arma's keenest community leaders, Andrew ‘Dslyecxi’ Gluck, has been overseeing some of the trailers for the alpha of Arma 3. That's true now that the game has entered beta, too. His latest work is SITREP (pronounced as if you are giving orders over the noise of gunfire) which covers some ground we've already seen - the clever simulatory embellishments of Arma 3 - as well as explaining what that long alpha thing was all about. The idea of it all, I believe, is to entice you into the beta, via their store.


Mods already! Well, that's hardly all that surprising. Arma's editor has always been like a self contained modding machine, with every damned map being the equivalent to what a full-blown mod would be to other games. Between this and Minecraft lies modding nirvana.

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