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The Best In-Game Table You'll Ever See

Hello, readers. I am alone in the RPS forbidden chatroom of mystery, which means that I am in charge of RPS until someone comes and takes it away from me. They actually forgot I was here and took Good Friday off without telling me! I am just a freelancer. So today we'll have none of the usual nonsense that passes for RPS posts these days. News? Schmews! Faetures? I can't even spell the word. GDC? I just checked and it doesn't mean "Gloriously Decadent Chips", so I don't know why John and Jim are there. My autonomy means I get to do stuff like this. ArmA 3's creative director pointed me towards a lovely ArmA 2 mod. An inquisitive six year-old's first ArmA 2 addon. In the middle of all the horribly detailed war bastards that are usually built for the game, the wee boy made a table. Being a huge sap, I asked for more screenshots and details. They are EXCLUSIVE and below.

Daddy and modder Myke Henkel explains what it's like building an addon with his son around: "He is always interested when I'm playing ArmA 2 and when I'm working on making addons. So I get a lot of questions asked: 'What do you do, how does this work?', etc. So I thought best way to explain is work with him to create an addon from scratch, explain how things are done, what he can do, how he can do and so on. We did the modelling together as well as the textures. He worked on them and I assisted to fill the knowledge gaps. The result was a table. Please note that Sam had the control and I was just standing next to him to tell him what he can do next."

The second I saw the glorious table-top design, I knew I had to get in touch and ask for more screenshots of it. You know there's never been a table made in any game that's been done with this much care and attention. If you want it, you can grab it from the forum post, or if you have PlaySix you can install it from here.

I have made all the images clicky for all you tabular enthusiasts. Just remember, one of the PC's biggest developers took take time out to make this happen. RPS and Bohemia Interactive proudly presents Samael's Table.


Anyone else see a smiley face? Or their mother?

In military terms, this is the SM-06-Paper Support Unit


There won't be a better screenshot on RPS for a long, long time.

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