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Win! City of Heroes Going Rogue & Digi-Swag

Hail, hero. Would you like to win a copy of the super-chap MMO that half the internet has called Going Rouge? Plus enough add-on microstransactiony costume parts and whatnot to fill up a Fortress of Solitude? Well, you can. And, I'm very pleased to say, even if you're not a UK resident. This is global baby, global.

Going Rogue is the second mega-expansion for City of Heroes, following City of Villains. This one deals with the moral stickiness between good and evil, enabling you to go off super-piste to pursue something that's more your own agenda, rather than that of organised do-goodery or crime. Sounds good. Sounds... roguish. You should try and win a copy. If only you could find a website that had such a competition! Oh.

A man in a skin tight costume appeared at our door. This happens most days, so we thought nothing of it. However, as well as demanding that we admired his mastery of the crab most muscular, he offered us three copies of City of Heroes Going Rogue Complete Collection to give to our readers. That's all three City Of... chunks to date, plus the following add-on collections:

Cyborg Pack
Magic Pack
Super Science Pack
Martial Arts Pack
Mutant Pack
Good vs Evil Pack
Wedding Pack
30 Day jetpack
Comic Con Ghoul Costume
Praetorian PD Costume
Praetorian Clockwork Costume


There'll also be some game-time for you - we're just waiting on confirmation of exactly how much.


To enter, you have to make a character, using the free trial version of the game. A specific type of character, however. A character from a profession, other than hero or villain, that has gone rogue. A rogue blacksmith. A rogue bagel-maker. Whatever. As long as it's a profession that has gone rogue. You'll also need to provide a 20-word maximum reason as to why this character has gone rogue

To enter, send your 20 words and a screenshot (50kb maximum filesize, please) to compo@rockpapershotgun.com by next Weds.

More details on Going Rogue, which launches next week, here.

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