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RPS Is Actually Maintained Shocker

Rock, Paper, Shotgun will be down from 9am to 11am (approx, UK time) on the 13th August. This is so we can transfer to our spanky new server, which hopefully won't crash every hour. It's a dream.

RPS has grown extremely quickly, and we've far outgrown the server we've been on. The utterly extraordinary folks at Positive Internet have done miraculous things to keep us online for the last year or so, and will continue to do miraculous things as we do our best to outgrow the new server. If you have any hosting needs at all, we without hesitation (and let me stress, without their ever asking us to plug them, and even though Nick's so horrid to me on our podcast) recommend you use Positive Internet. They're not only extremely competent hosts, but deeply ethical, and have gone beyond the boundaries of expectation in their support. We can't say enough good things about them. They are, as they say, good.

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