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Dawn of War II - Retribution Announced

This news breaks as sharply as the sound of a bolter-magazine being slammed into place by the palm of the righteous. Just announced is that there's a second incoming expansion for Dawn of War II. Set a decade after Chaos Rising, rather than being stuck with the Blood Ravens, you get to choose your side. Which sides do you get to pick from? Well, as you may surmise from the enormous jaw bellowing at you above, one will be the Orks. Also promised are new multiplayer units and a whole new faction. Which sounds like a cue to link to our Dawn of War 2 sweepstakes article again. Go Jokero! Anyway - the expansion will be out in the first "bit" of 2011 and the first trailer follows...

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Those certainly are some Orks. And here's another one. Click for full size:

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