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Blood Ravin' - The DOW2 Retribution Intro

My, Dawn of War games have been an almost annual thing for nearly a decade now, haven't they? I have no issue with that - any year with a bit of new Only War in it tends to be a better year for it. 2011 brings us Retribution, the second Dawn of War II expandalone and the first to make the Imperial 'Impy Goo' Guard a playable race in the sequel series.

In fact, it's out next week, on March 3. I'm playing it at present, and at some point before then will arrange my thoughts on it into a series of syllables, real and invented, in order to convey some sort of opinion. In the meantime, here's the intro video for the game. Short and chest-thumping, and very much in keeping with the proudly absurd bombast of the game.

Watch on YouTube


For more, I can only suggest you experiment with the current open beta, which offers a pretty meaty taste of the multiplayer to all Steam users. If you're not a Steam user, no you can't play it and yes we probably got the 4000 word email you sent us about why you steadfastedly refuse to use it.

You can pre-order Retribution now, but you'll need to decide which version you want:

* Tyranid Race Pack (THQ E-Shop Exclusive)

* Imperial Guard Race Pack

* Space Marine

* Chaos Space Marine

* Eldar

* Ork Race Pack (Steam Exclusive)

The middle four are also available on places like Steam and Direct2Drive. You get bonus loot and - hmm - abilities for the faction of your choice, but apparently it's exclusive to pre-orders. There's also a £40 deluxe retail version, which offers the whole kit and kaboodle (i.e. all the bonus wargear and skills), plus a poster. However, you might have to leave the house, or at least go to your letterbox, to get that.

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