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What are we all playing this weekend?


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After back-to-back three-day weekends, I feel a little cheated by this two-day weekend. Is this allowed? It's certainly not right. Can't believe we have to wait a whole fortnight for another three-day weekend. Still, while we're here, we may as well play some video games. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
is poorly!

I'm still time-travelling through Quantum Break, Remedy's oft-forgotten superpower shooter, now it's on Game Pass. Yeah, 7/10.

Thanks to the Steam Deck, I've nested myself between three great games I wouldn't have played on a big monitor. Cult Of The Lamb, Vampire Survivors, and Citizen Sleeper are all on the go. I just chip away at one for a bit, then when my attention wanders I roll into the next. I go from sacrificing cute animals to further my cult "Gears Of War 2", to the Bone Zone, to getting emotional over some robots and dice. Video games.

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Thanks to some overtime banked while guiding Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, I've got next week off to rest, recover, and run around smacking things in Tears Of The Kingdom. I'll inevitably spend plenty of time playing Magic: The Gathering too, now that my pals are starting to wrap up university for the year, and hopefully we'll also play a session or two of D&D.

I admit I'm going through an "I don't fancy that" phase with new games, in much the same way that I sometimes wander through an entire supermarket without identifying a single foodstuff I want for dinner. Instead, I'm comfort-replaying Portal 2, having left enough time since the last run that I don't immediately remember all the jokes and puzzle solutions.

I have the next week off. Nothing to do with a certain Nintendo game coming out yesterday. Absolutely not. Who would be that selfish? Honestly. Simply a convenient pause before notE3. I swear to Gano- all right, I'm playing Tears Of The Kingdom, are you happy now?

A screenshot from Sunset Overdrive, which shows the player grinding on a themepark's rail as explosions and missles whizz around them.
Image credit: Xbox Game Studios

Kaan mentioned Sunset Overdrive in our Slack chat last week so now I'm replaying Sunset Overdrive again. I booted it up on the Series X and was immediately distraught to discover that the game still runs at 30 frames per second. Only 30 frames! Do you know what I did in response to that, reader? I kept on playing, and after five minutes I got used to it. I have become "frame pilled" over the last year, but now I am finally free. Sunset Overdrive feels smooth and responsive in the hands, even at 30 frames. What a game.

I'm probably going to spend my weekend as I've spent all my weekends lately - despondently wishing it was the 18th already so I can start playing Veiled Experts again. Until that time, I have to content myself with more Honkai: Star Rail, which is still far better than I expected. I've reached Equilibrium Level 2 now, and everything is starting to get quite a bit harder. Fortunately I've settled on a very powerful team composition now which can carry me through most battles thanks to great healing potential and some immense single-target damage.

I'm still enjoying the lovely cottagecore world of Mail Time so will definitely be playing more of that this weekend. I've also started playing Ori And The Blind Forest as I've been meaning to play it for years. It's very pretty.

This week I had the smug satisfaction of finally 100%-ing not one but two beloved games (Danganronpa 2 and Life Is Strange: True Colors, like you even had to ask). Just as I was dusting my hands off looking pleased, though, Ooblets tapped me on the shoulder and was all like "Hey, you do realise that you haven't even looked at me since Christmas and that my extremely generous spring event is ending on May 31st, right?" I'm sorry, Ooblets. I want to do better by you. I will do better by you. I'll see you this weekend.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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