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Vampires meet Frankenstein-ish experiments in V Rising's first big update

Secrets Of Gloomrot drops next week

Three vampires sit atop a flight of stairs in a screenshot for V Rising's Secrets Of Gloomrot trailer
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

Early access hit V Rising is getting its first major update next week with the Secrets Of Gloomrot, a Frankenstein-inspired package that offers a brand new region full of fresh-fanged beasties, and plenty more improvements. Secrets Of Gloomrot is set to join one of the best survival games - according to RPS readers and the RPS Hivemind - on May 17th as a free update. Lay your eyes on the first horrid gameplay trailer below:

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As AliceB previously mentioned, Mary Shelley’s gothic abomination isn’t mentioned anywhere here, but a twisted scientist has created “mutated experiments and mechanical wonders” waiting to be kicked and spurned at. Gloomrot just needs to frame its narrative through a series of letters, add in a dose of religious imagery, and make us feel sorry for the monsters we slay, and boom! That’s Frankenstein. Some of the new scientific mutations are highlighted in the trailer above, and all of them look appropriately stitched together. We have peaks at slimy mounds of flesh dragging themselves across the floor, mad scientists with electric contraptions, and a baddie who wields flamethrowers.

Secrets Of Gloomrot has a banquet of other new treats to sink our teeth into, including 30 new enemy types and 13 bosses. Building castles will soon allow for multiple floors and other types of customisation. Combat is getting vamped with more weapons types and a new spell school. And the rest of Vardoran (the fictional vampiric world) will enjoy a visual update and new points of interest, too.

Essentially, next week’s update is adding more V Rising to V Rising, and that’s only a good thing. Our Ed will tell you the game “has a little something for every sort of player and that’s its biggest strength,” in his V Rising review. “Crafting and combat are easily accessible, with a lovely runway that steers you gently through its interlocking systems before it lets you take off on your own.”

You can grab V Rising in early access on Steam ahead of the new update on May 17th.

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