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V Rising's big free update adds an electrified Frankenstein land

Secrets Of Gloomrot is animating next month

Update: this post originally said Gloomrot is coming "next week" because I don't know what month it is.

Frakenstein is often cited as the first science fiction thing, and now it can add to its honours because it's the inspiration for the first major update to V Rising. The info on Secrets Of Gloomrot doesn't actually use the F word anywhere, but it's a new biome "twisted by the tortured ambitions of a scientific genius and his legions of followers", so I feel pretty confident in the citation. This new free addition to the early access vampiric survival game - which won a few hearts here at RPS - is arriving on May 17th. That's in a month, that is, and boy, it's a biggun alright.

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Aside from the new biome containing new areas (polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands), there are 30 new enemies and 13 new bosses, all themed around weird science. Mutations and mechanical oddities aplenty, and the trailer suggests the existence of a Mega-Monster. There are also some improvements to building, notably that you can now build a castle with multiple levels. Is it even a castle if it's single-storey? There are new weather hazards - the science experiments cause regular lightning strikes, for example - crafting stations, weapons, and a whole new lightning-centric spell school called Storm.

Basically, anything that exists in V Rising already, it sounds like Gloomrot will give you more of, from music to cosmectics, and you can see more details on the official site. I'm not a vuhrusing afficionado myself, but the weapons in particular look quite cool, because experimental science usually means guns, as is the case here with the Dual Pistols.

I'm also a fan of the theme they've chosen for this. It makes sense thematically, because Frankenstein's brand awareness score is almost on par with Dracula's, and the story justifying Gloomrot's existence - the idea that so much science has fucked up the environment - is a decent one. Pinch of salt and all that, because the trailer is cinematic rather than showing any of the actual thing - but then, it's free, innit? Look out for the monsters to rise on Monday, May 17th, via Steam. If you've yet to fully embrace the night, the guides team have you covered - including with this nice beginner's guide for fledgling vamps.

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