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How to get Copper in V Rising: How to find and mine Copper Ore

Here's what you need to mine Copper in V Rising

Want to know how to get Copper in V Rising? Usually in crafting and survival games, access to Copper marks a milestone in your progress, as it allows you to construct a wide variety of upgraded tools and structures. V Rising is no exception, and you'll find you can't get very far without a large quantity of Copper Ore to turn into Ingots.

Below we'll walk you through where to go to find Copper rocks in V Rising, which is now out of early access following the long-awaited release of version 1.0. We'll also explain what you need in order to mine Copper Ore, and afterwards how to refine that Ore into the far more useful Copper Ingots.

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How to get Copper in V Rising

Copper is one of the most important early resources in V Rising. It's used to forge the next tier of weapons and gear after bone tools, as well as a host of important buildings and upgrades.

You can get Copper by mining the orange-coloured rocks dotted about the landscape of V Rising. But if you want the most Copper in the shortest space of time, you should head to the Copper Mine in the Farbane Woods. Check the map below to see exactly where you need to go to find it.

Part of the map of V Rising, with the location of a Copper Mine circled in red.

This Copper Mine is filled with the orange rocks from which you can gather Copper Ore. There are also usually chests dotted around the mine which you can open to find various items, including more Copper.

Copper rocks grow back after a while, so it's a renewable resource. You just have to keep going back to break them down until you have enough Copper for your needs.

How to mine Copper

To mine Copper, you need to craft a Reinforced Bone Mace. An ordinary Bone Mace can destroy regular rocks, but you need something tougher to break down Copper rocks.

To make the Reinforced Bone Mace, you first need to make a Simple Workbench. Both the Simple Workbench and the Reinforced Bone Mace require wooden planks, so if you're unsure how to get these, consult our guide on how to use the Sawmill in V Rising.

The player in V Rising walks between two giant boulders of Copper, which can only be destroyed using explosives.

If you happen to find some very large boulders of Copper, you'll find that not even your Reinforced Bone Mace can break it apart. To mine from the large boulders, you'll need to use explosives, which you can craft using Sulfur at an Alchemy Table.

How to smelt Copper Ore into Copper Ingots

To smelt Copper Ore, you'll need to construct a Furnace near your Castle Heart. The Furnace requires 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore to craft, but after it's complete, you can place Copper Ore inside it and it will automatically turn the ore over time into refined Copper Ingots, which are used for a great many more things.

Be aware that you need quite a lot of Copper Ore in order to build up a stockpile of Copper Ingots. For each ingot, you need 20 Copper Ore. So I'd encourage you to seek out the above Copper Mines to speed up the process.

That's all you need to know about how to access the all important resource of Copper in V Rising. Once you have some Copper gear, test your mettle by tracking down bosses across the world of Vardoran. This might prove to be a long adventure, though, so make sure you know about castle heart decay in V Rising before venturing far from your base. If you're still building your castle, take a look at our guide on how to get roofs in V Rising.

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